BAMFIT means „Bondtec Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnect Testing“. It is an innovative test method that may be able to evaluate the interconnection quality of heavy wire bonds much better than a shear test. It does not have the usual limitations of a shear test.

How BAMFIT works

BAMFIT uses modified ultrasonic bonding technology at a frequency of 58 kHz. The test tool is a gripping device, similar to tweezers, which grips the wire and pulls it away from the interface under low tensile force. Then the ultrasonic is switched on and a well-defined mechanical alternating load with amplitudes in the micrometer range is applied and controlled by the US power setting.

Although quality tests are already carried out at great expense in the production of assemblies with heavy wire bonds – e.g. optical inspection, shear and pull tests – none of these test methods offers a sufficiently good evaluation of the interface condition of the bond connection.

„BAMFIT has the potential to evaluate interface formation at a wire bond contact and its quality much more accurately than has been possible to date.“

The SpeedCycle project is dedicated to the intensive investigation of the BAMFIT test for industrial use. Tool geometries, test parameters and recommendations for the correct application of a BAMFIT test have to be developed and distributed.

Objectives and added value

Implementation of the BAMFIT test on verifiable and documented experiments on typical industrial surfaces and material combinations (wire/surface).

Validation of the correlation between interface areas and BAMFIT results as well as comparison with shear test data

Design of test tools for different industrial applications (different wire diameters and materials)

Determination of suitable test parameters (clamping height, tensile force, US amplitude and evaluation methodology)

Optimization of test procedure (programming, handling) and data evaluation (display of measured values, statistical parameters)

Project characteristics

  • GOAL: 23 project partners
  • Users and suppliers of heavy wire bonding technology
  • SMEs and large enterprises
  • Cross-industry
  • 19.500 € plus VAT
  • This investment sum is the same for each partner who commits to participate after 1 January 2020.
  • Sep 1st, 2019 – Mar 31, 2021
  • 18 months


You save costs in the qualification of a new wirebond test procedure for your company by cost sharing with several partners of the same interest.

You receive validated results and thus ensure that the procedure is sufficiently qualified for your requirements.

You gain access to an extensive process parameter database for a wide range of bonding wire materials in different diameters and on different surfaces.

Assured expertise through experienced project coordinators and the participation of various market players.

Networking and market overview – What do the others do? Where is the benchmark?

The AMFIT method (Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnect Testing) was developed by the Vienna University of Technology (Dr. Golta Khatibi, Dr. Bernhard Czerny). The company F&S Bondtec in Braunau has further developed this method into a commercially available product (BAMFIT tester) in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology. The working group of Dr. Khatibi researches in further innovative areas with the help of the BAMFIT method, e.g. testing of copper thick wire bonds, testing of Cu ball bond contacts and other microelectronic technologies.

Dr. Golta Khatibi

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Lifetime and Reliability of Interfaces in Complex Multi-Material Electronics „CD-Labor RELAB“

Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, TU Wien
Getreidemarkt 9/164
A 1060 Vienna, AUSTRIA

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